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Our Story 

There are these two guys who have been best friends for a very long time.  Their names are Phrik and Phrak. They shared an interest in cooking, but like many people, were not that excited about the part that came after eating and enjoying their creations - the cleaning up!  And of course, as time went on they became more aware of the advantages of preparing foods in a healthy way. Now we don’t mean to say that they are health nuts ... because, well, they’re not.  But if there was an easy and convenient way to get some “help in the kitchen,” it would certainly get their attention! So in their constant quest for ‘the easy life,’ they would come across some intriguing products.  BUT ... there was an ISSUE! Both Phrik and Phrak had some stringent qualifications that an item had to meet before they would think of adopting it in their kitchens.  What are these qualifications, you may ask? It has to be really awesome quality in its construction It has to reusable and have a long life It has to save them time - either in prep time or cooking time It has to be economical It has to easy enough to use for both Phrik AND Phrak! One day Phrik and Phrak came across just such an item, that met all of their qual’s and even more!  They loved this product so much that they wanted to share it with you.  They created a brand called PhoodieTools, and made the Silicone Baking & Pastry Mat their very first product to help make your life a little easier, too!

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